• Januray 20, 2012

    At Assure One Solutions state of the art technology setup has been installed.

  • January 15, 2012

    Assure One Solutions seek to encourage awareness of quality, inflict environmental responsibilities & obligations, ensure health & safety.

  • January 10, 2012

    A'ONE SOLUTIONS management team employs the progressive innovation of leading-edge business tools and demonstrate,qualified & experienced performance.

Assure One!

Assure One Solutions is a multitalented systems certification services provider, with a variety of industrial proficiency and vast exposure in Quality, Environment and Health & Safety business.

A'ONE SOLUTIONS is a reliable certification registrar for its customers, performing assessments by expert evaluators, which provides value to client's management system. Number of clients in different regions have greatly benefited through our consummate services in the Asia, Middle East and Other countries.

A'ONE SOLUTIONS helps organizations to manage risk, achieve registration, and drive improvement through training, audits, and inspection & testing programs.


  • Welcome To Assure One

    Assure One Solutions is a multitalented systems certification services provider!

  • Our services

    The Standards can be applied to any type or size of organization, from small family businesses to the world's largest corporations and government institutions.

  • Enhance Brand Reputation

    Certification proves your commitment to industry best practice and enables you to stand out above the crowd.